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UTHSC TechConnect to Replace Helpdesk@uthsc.edu on July 26


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been telling you about all the ways you’ll be able to get help at TechConnect, our new IT service site coming on July 26. One way is by submitting a ticket to report a problem or request a service.

Online ticket submission will replace the ability to send an email to helpdesk@uthsc.edu. Here’s why a TechConnect ticket will be better:

  1. More information, fewer callbacks: When you submit a ticket, you will do so via a form that collects the information the ITS Technician needs to get started on your request.  The request or issue is then assigned to the right team immediately, so they can start working on your ticket.  This reduces or eliminates the need to contact you to get that information, thus, speeding up the resolution time.  Our goal is to provide your service or fix your issue as quickly as possible.
  2. Easier to track progress: Once you create a ticket, you can go to TechConnect at any time to check its status instead of having to rely on email updates. (Yes, you’ll still get those, too.)
  3. One place to track all tickets: No more looking back through emails to figure out what you’ve reported or requested. Just check “My Requests” in TechConnect.

Of course, going to TechConnect will have other advantages as well. And it’s all still backed by the Service Desk, available by phone and once again, for in-person assistance.

Visit our TechConnect introduction page to see the logo, meet our friend Veronica, and learn more.

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