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To UTHSC Students, Faculty and Staff,

Starting today, UTHSC will be issuing listservs through the new UTHSC News website. For you, the users of our listserv system, this means more opportunities for members of the campus community to submit content, and more ways to select what news and information you pull to your inbox. Our goals are to improve the listserv process, to further enhance UTHSC’s Web presence by making our News section more accessible, and to encourage more team submissions, which will result in more dynamic content on our home page.

The progression from the current listserv distribution system to this more advanced technology will be accomplished in layers, not all at once. Over the coming weeks and months, as team members begin to learn the new listserv process and experience different functionality, the Information Technology Services group will evaluate needs and tweak the new system, as appropriate. In the meantime, the current listserv process will remain in place while the campus community learns how to fully use and be comfortable with the new processes.

Watch for more details about this transition on the UTHSC website and in the January-February issue of The Record. Early adopters are welcome to try the system out when it launches today and learn by doing.

Thank you.

Ken Brown, JD, MPA, PhD, FACHE
Executive Vice Chancellor & Chief Operations Officer