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UTHSC News: Through Medicine and Leadership, Corinne Gibson Aspires to Change Lives


The University of Tennessee Health Science Center has played a part in Corinne Gibson’s family for decades. Her parents got married as students in the College of Medicine, and now Gibson is continuing their legacy as a fourth-year medical student.

Gibson has known she wanted to go into the medical field since high school, with the initial inspiration coming from her parents. “I always really admired my parents’ resilience and their dedication to their patients,” she said. “I think just wanting to be someone who can be relied on to take care of people was kind of where it all started.”

Moving from Memphis to Nashville in the middle of high school, she believed her time in Memphis was not yet complete. Factoring in her parents’ experience in the College of Medicine, Gibson said her decision to attend UTHSC was a no-brainer.

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