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UTHSC News: Summer Program Collaboration Introduced Biomedical Sciences to Trainees


The Summer Research Scholars (SRS) program in the College of Graduate Health Sciences and the Biostatistics Internship in the Department of Preventive Medicine provided research experience to qualified undergraduate and graduate students.

In the SRS program, accepted undergraduate students receive hands-on research experience in the biomedical sciences fields at UTHSC research laboratories. Students are matched with UTHSC faculty in this eight-week paid internship program held in June and July. It includes opportunities to enhance skills in biomedical information retrieval, participate in a scientific presentation workshop and a scientific abstract writing workshop, strengthen communication skills in biomedical sciences, and access research opportunities in biomedical engineering, epidemiology, health outcomes and policy research, integrated biomedical sciences, nursing science, and pharmaceutical sciences. This year, 13 students participated in the SRS program.

“There are exciting ways one can contribute to health care that aren’t hands-on patient care. Research is the engine that drives health care,” said Isaac Donkor, PhD, professor and associate dean of Student Affairs, and director of the SRS program in the College of Graduate Health Sciences. “The goal of the program is for the students to know what biomedical research is about and that with a PhD in a health science discipline, one can enter various career fields and contribute significantly to health care.”

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