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UTHSC ITS: Network upgrades this week


UTHSC Network Services continues moving the campus onto the new & faster campus network backbone infrastructure.
While we expect this transition to be executed without disruption to end-users, you may want to ensure data file transfers or backups are not running at 6:30 am.  If customers experience any issues, please reboot your computer & that should resolve any issue.
On Tuesday, October 2nd, at 6:30am, Network Services will be moving the Translational Science Research Bldg (TSRB) & the Cancer Research Bldg (CRB) onto the new network appliances.
On Thursday, October 4th, at 6:30am, Network Services will be moving the Student Alumni Center (SAC) & 740 Court – Campus Police Bldg onto the new network appliances.
Other buildings will follow on Tuesday & Thursday of each week.  Every Monday, ITS will communicate the buildings being upgraded that week in the Daily Digest.
Thanks for your cooperation as we increase the campus’ network bandwidth capacity.

(901) 448-2222 or 1-800-413-7830
Email: helpdesk@uthsc.edu