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UTHSC ITS: Network Services upgrades


Good day campus.

Continuing with the upgrade of the software on the network switches, UTHSC Network Services will be updating the software on some of the campus network switches on the morning of Saturday January 25th at 1 AM.  The buildings to be updated will be the following: 910, 920 and 930 Madison and the Alexander building. This will cause a network outage of approximately 15 minutes while these switches reboot.
This upgrade process will continue with the following schedule:

01/26/14 Hyman, Crowe, Dunn, PhyPlant

01/27/14 Adams, Jefferson, Medplex, MSB, Crump

01/28/14 CDD, SAC, PhiChi, 600 Jefferson, VanVleet

01/29/14 CRB, St. Francis, Feurt

01/30/14 Faculty, Link, Wittenborg,

01/31/14 Methodist, Lebonheur

02/01/14 Pharmacy, GEB

TBA Nash, RBL, Campus Police

Thank you for your patience during this time.
Network Services


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