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UTHSC ITS: Computer reboots on Thursday evenings between 6 PM and 6 AM


Good day campus.

The UTHSC ITS department is committed to keeping all UTHSC data as safe and secure as possible.   One way that ITS protects computers on the UTHSC campus is through the automated deployment of security updates and patches.  Various vendors provide these updates and patches regularly, but not predictably.  When deployed, many of these updates require that computers be rebooted.   Effective July 1, ITS will consolidate these reboots during a predictable maintenance window: Thursday evenings starting at 6:00 PM and ending by 6:00 AM.  Please make a note of this time window and work around it accordingly.
If your work or study efforts do not allow for reboots to take place in this manner, please contact itsecurity@uthsc.edu via email, or 448-1579 via telephone to report your issue.
Thank you for your help with keeping our campus computers and data safe.

UTHSC Help Desk
(901) 448-2222 ext 1 or 1-800-413-7830 ext 1
Please note that all e-mail replies will be tracked through our Online Help Desk.