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UTHSC 2022 Annual Compliance Training Launches February 1, 2022!


Greetings staff and faculty!  In order to maintain compliance with federal regulations and UT system policies the 2022 Mandatory Compliance Training will launch Feb 1st.  All regular staff, faculty and temporary employees will receive an email on February 1st with the subject: “Mandatory Training: Please Complete UTHSC 2022 Annual Compliance Training.  The mandatory training will require employees to complete the following eight training courses in K@TE by June 30, 2022.

      UTHSC 2022 Mandatory Compliance Training Courses

  • UTHSC 2022 Campus Security Authority (CSA) Training
  • UTHSC 2022 Code of Conduct
  • UTHSC 2022 FERPA
  • UTHSC 2022 Hazard Awareness and Workplace Safety
  • UTHSC 2022 HIPAA Training
  • UTHSC 2022 IT Security Awareness
  • UTHSC 2022 Title VI
  • UTHSC 2022 Title IX: Mandatory Responsible Employees

If you have questions, concerns, or need assistance, the Office of Human Resources can assist you at 901.448.5600 or hr@uthsc.edu. Thank you for your cooperation!