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UTHSC 2014 Outdoor Rec Kickoff


Join The UTHSC 2014 Outdoor Rec Kickoff with The Wolf River Conservancy’s 9th Annual Tree Planting this March 29th form 9am-12pm.

This will be an exciting year for us as it is going to be one of the largest Arbor Day celebrations that West Tennessee has ever seen, with approximately 7,000 seedlings, either planted or potted for the future. This is a wonderful volunteering opportunity that will have a positive impact on the Wolf River Watershed and Shelby County. The tree plant will also be assisting Shelby Farms Park in achieving its ultimate goal of the “One Million Trees” initiative within the Park and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Volunteer to be a part of the 9th Annual Tree Planting today!

Contact Erin Jennings at 448-2766, or email erinjennings@uthsc.edu