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Using R for Biostatistics – I (BIOE 805)


This 2-credit course, offered in Fall 2020, will introduce students to R, a versatile open-source language and environment for statistical computing and data science.

R is widely used for data analysis and visualization by statisticians and data scientists. Besides providing the ability to perform basic statistical tests and graphs, it gives the user access to cutting-edge statistical and graphical techniques via add-on packages. It is available free of charge on almost all operating systems.

This course is an introduction to R programming and data analysis. Students will be able to:

  • Understand R language syntax and data structures
  • Read data into R from text files and spreadsheets
  • Produce tables and figures using R
  • Write functions to perform repetitive tasks
  • Write code to perform simulation studies
  • Use R for simple tests and linear regression
  • Generate data analysis reports using R and Markdown

Students should have knowledge of elementary biostatistics (BIOE 811 or BIOE 845 or equivalent).

Course director: Saunak Sen, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics, Department of Preventive Medicine (sen@uthsc.edu)