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This week’s Monday Morning Mentor: How Can Post-Exam Reviews Become a Powerful Teaching Strategy?


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The benefits of a thoughtfully designed and learning-oriented post-exam review session is a win- win for both faculty and students. When post-exam review is implemented with concepts critical to student learning, students are given the opportunity for metacognition, to identify both strengths and gaps in knowledge, explore content to apply classroom knowledge, and differentiate correct from incorrect thinking. Meanwhile, faculty are given the opportunity to reinforce content. This presentation explores the curricular innovation of the post-exam review as an active, powerful classroom teaching strategy.

Learning Goals

After this program, participants will be able to:

  • Improve the effectiveness of standardized testing in health professions education by re-conceptualizing the post-exam review into a powerful teaching and learning tool
  • Investigate the benefits of classroom teaching through post-exam reviews to deepen student learning
  • Identify curricular designs that support the integration of post-exam reviews into course design

Topics Covered

  • Current practices related to the oft dreaded post-exam review
  • Exploration of the uses of standardized testing as a summative assessment in health professions education to prepare students for certification or licensure exams
  • Identification of the multiple benefits of a well-designed, integrated post-exam review class, either online or in person
  • Active learning strategies that can be used during the post-exam review class