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The Diversity Advantage: Incorporating Diversity Principles into the Selection Process


Finding the right candidate for administrative, professional and faculty positions is one of the most important tasks that any institution or enterprise undertakes. However, few higher education professionals receive training on the search committee process but are expected to serve on or lead committees. The fact is when relevant diversity, meritocratic and fairness principles are incorporated into the selection process, it actually increases both the fairness and rigor of the search committee process.

Join us for this webinar to learn about research-based methods that have proven to be effective in recruiting and selecting a diverse array of talent. Dr. Christopher Lee will walk us through this research-method, from his award-winning publication, and how to apply it in institutions to recruit and select the most diverse and capable talent available.

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Kristy Conger
(kconger@uthsc.edu / 901-448-2253)