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TechConnect Knowledge Base: It’s like Googling for ITS Information!


We introduced you to TechConnect last summer, and since then, we’ve been talking about our excellent knowledge base. But we are nerds, and we realized you might not even know what a knowledge base is or why you should use it!

The TechConnect Knowledge Base is a reservoir of information about UTHSC technology. We have articles about NetIDs, sending emails securely, and passwords. But there is so much more!

We have instructions for everything from how to get what you need if you are new to campus to how to purchase hardware and software.

Think of it as Google for UTSHC ITS. Just click in the search bar, enter a few keywords, and TechConnect finds the article for you!

Why do we need a knowledge base?

  • Sometimes users prefer to look information up for themselves
  • You have a new person come onboard, and they can learn more about UTHSC apps and instructions
  • You only do something once a year and need help remembering what to do
  • Our instructions give you a more personalized experience than generic software instructions do

So even if you aren’t a nerd, check out our knowledge base articles. Rate our articles so we know how we are doing. And, if you notice something we are missing, please let us know at its@uthsc.edu.