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System Announcement: Staff Performance Reviews Due March 31

We are excited to introduce an additional item for your attention in the 2020/21 performance management and goal setting process for immediate preparation for implementation in 2021.  The item is inclusion, diversity and equity.  This item is added to align the performance management process with the Strategic Plan and Reaffirmed Diversity Statement by the UT Board of Trustees and UT President Randy Boyd.

The annual performance review process is a key component of continual employee development at UT. It provides an opportunity for employees and supervisors to:

  1. Collaboratively reflect on job performance and professional accomplishments from the previous year.
  2. Set goals for professional development.
  3. Establish objectives for contributing to your department’s mission.
  4. Recalibrate expectations and goals for the new year.

When setting goals and having performance discussions for 2021, we encourage you to be mindful of inclusion, diversity and equity.  Discuss the expectations of treating others with fairness, dignity and respect to foster an inclusive environment that supports and is appreciative of individual and group differences.  All employees are encouraged to contribute to the overall university diversity strategic goals by making deliberate efforts to enhance inclusion, diversity and equity in the workplace.

With this in mind, staff performance discussions for 2020 should be completed and submitted by March 31, 2021. 

If you are a supervisor who conducts reviews, this is a friendly reminder to start scheduling meetings, requesting self-assessments, compiling notes and setting new goals for each of your direct reports.

For all staff members, you can prepare for your own review by thinking through the conversation you’d like to have with your supervisor and identifying important goals and accomplishments you would like to achieve this year.

If you are new to the performance review process at UT or need assistance as you prepare your upcoming evaluations, we encourage you to take advantage of the performance review website, which has instructions, answers to frequently asked questions, forms, and learning and development guidance.

We will also be working with President Boyd, campus and institute human resources officers and other members of our UT community as we re-imagine our performance management process. It is our intention to implement a more employee-friendly, technology-based continuous performance management system that focuses on the development, retention, recruitment and support of a high-performing inclusive workforce.

Thank you for your commitment to our existing performance management process. Please contact the System Office of Human Resources at 865-974-8170 or your campus/institute human resources office with any questions. Individual contact information is listed on the human resources website.


Brian K. Dickens
Chief Human Resources Officer
The University of Tennessee System