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Survival Analysis (BIOE 868; 2 credit hours this spring)


Survival analysis refers to statistical approaches addressing time to event data.  These approaches specifically deal with censored data where it is, e.g., only known that a patient has survived up to a certain point in time but it remains unknown what happened thereafter.

Survival analysis does not only address true survival but any phenomenon following that basic framework:  Time to discharge from hospital or time until a customer returns to a shop can all be addressed in the conceptual framework of survival analysis.

Keywords: time-to-event-data, censoring, hazard function, Kaplan-Meier estimation, Cox proportional hazards model, immortal time bias, late entry into the risk set, time-dependent covariates, shared frailty, competing risks, guidelines for reporting survival analyses in manuscripts.

This 2 credit hour course BIOE 868 Survival Analysis is offered in the Master of Science in Epidemiology program starting Jan. 6, 2021.  The class will meet weekly on Wednesdays 1-4pm for a total of eight meetings during the first spring 2021 term. The course will not require face-to-face contacts.

Registration for spring is now open!

Fridtjof Thomas

(Course Director BIOE 868 Survival Analysis)