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Statistical Methods for Observational Studies (BIOE 864)


Statistical Methods for Observational Studies (BIOE 864)

This 1 credit course (BIOE 864) will equip the participant with techniques needed to successfully design, conduct, and publish studies utilizing observational data.  Eight classroom meetings elaborate on:

1              Guidelines for reporting statistical analyses; Communication/graphs & tables

2              Causal inference

3              Graphical representation of causal effects

4              Sources of bias: Confounding, selection bias, and measurement bias

5              Propensity score methods

6              Regression adjustments for observational data

7              Binary classifiers and ROC analysis

8              Design and execution of observational studies

Statistical Methods for Observational Studies (BIOE 864) will be offered this Fall (T2)  Oct. 08 to Dec. 14 and will meet weekly on Wednesdays 1-3pm (Doctor’s Office Building, 66 N. Pauline, Memphis, TN).


Fridtjof Thomas, PhD

(Course Director BIOE 864)

How to register:

A student that is in any of the UTHSC programs registers in banner directly: https://uthsc.edu/banner/info/

For non-degree students please complete a non-degree form located here: https://www.uthsc.edu/registrar/documents/non-degree-form.pdf

The registration for non-degree students’ needs to be initiated by the CGHS; please contact Elizabeth Webb: ewebb@uthsc.edu)

P.S.: BIOE 864 is a required course in the Data Science Track within the Master of Science in Epidemiology Program, but it is designed to be taken independently as well.  Information about the new Data Science Track will be disseminated separately.