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Statistical Methods for Observational Studies (BIOE 864)


Statistical Methods for Observational Studies (BIOE 864)

This 1 credit course (BIOE 864) will equip the participant with techniques needed to successfully design, conduct, and publish studies utilizing observational data.  Eight classroom meetings elaborate on:

1              Guidelines for reporting statistical analyses; Communication/graphs & tables

2              Causal inference

3              Graphical representation of causal effects

4              Sources of bias: Confounding, selection bias, and measurement bias

5              Propensity score methods

6              Regression adjustments for observational data

7              Binary classifiers and ROC analysis

8              Design and execution of observational studies

Statistical Methods for Observational Studies (BIOE 864) will be offered this Fall (T2)  Oct. 08 to Dec. 14 and will meet weekly on Wednesdays 1-3pm (Doctor’s Office Building, 66 N. Pauline, Memphis, TN).


Fridtjof Thomas, PhD

(Course Director BIOE 864)

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