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Spring 2015 Registration Information / Student Authorization Form



Registration begins Monday, November 3 for Spring 2015 classes.


NOTE: The Student Authorization form MUST be completed in Self Service before registration is permitted

All students before they are able to register for Spring 2015 classes must complete a brief electronic form in Self Service.


The form is titled the UTHSC Student Authorizations, which displays a set of terms and conditions related to financial aid, billing, and registration that students must review and accept in Self Service.  Once the Student Authorization is completed, students will be able to register for Spring classes and the process will be the same as previous terms.


Reason for the Student Authorization

The Federal Government requires UTHSC to notify students of issues regarding the acceptance and disbursement of financial aid and gives the student the opportunity to authorize the use of excess Title IV funds. In addition, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center will require students to acknowledge or authorize additional use of student funds or fees.



How to access and submit the Student Authorization in Self Service

  1. Login to Self Service at https://banner.uthsc.edu
  2. Type your NetID and Password.
  3. Select the Student Tab.
  4. Click on UTHSC Student Authorization. (this is a link)
  5. Review the information, make your selections, and click submit.
  6. Register for your Spring classes.


How to get your class list for Spring 2015

Your college will send you information concerning the classes you need for Spring 2015.


Note: 1st year Medicine, 1st year Dental and 1st year Pharmacy students

Your registration method has changed and you will need to discuss with your college if you have not been notified currently.