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SPAR – Cybersecurity Tips of the Week – Keeping You Personal and Business Life Separate


While the UT Acceptable Use Policy does not prohibit using UT resources for personal use, it is always a best practice to keep your personal and business lives separate, for many reasons.

If you leave UTHSC in good standing, faculty and staff have 30 days retention of their Microsoft account, students have one year. Any email or file stored in your OneDrive can be accessed by UTHSC and others under the Freedom of Information Act (FIOA).

Carbon Black has picked up some installations of TurboTax software. The only reason this software would be on business devices is if someone is filing their personal taxes using UT resources. Again, while not prohibited, it is not a best practice. Do you want UT to see your personal information?  Review both the UT System Acceptable Use Policy as well as the UTHSC Acceptable Use Standard to understand what is allowed.