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SPAR – Cybersecurity Alert – Textbook Scams


College textbooks are expensive, and prices can quickly add up each semester. Many students try to cut costs by buying their textbooks used or by trying to find websites that offer cheaper prices than the university bookstore.

Scammers take advantage by creating fake textbook sites, and victims may purchase textbooks that never arrive. Digital downloads can also be suspect to scams. Students interested in digital downloads need to make sure they aren’t buying a fake code and that they aren’t downloading malware onto their computers.

shield-check icon How to Protect Yourself

The easiest way to avoid textbook scams is to purchase your textbooks through your university bookstore or the publishing company associated with the textbook. Many university bookstores offer buy-back programs at the end of the semester so you can also get used books at a lower cost. Additionally, some campus libraries keep textbooks on hold that you can check out for several hours at a time.