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SPAR – Cybersecurity Alert – Social Media Scams Targeting Students


Social media scams are becoming more prevalent and more difficult to identify. Some scams may seem fairly obvious, such as ads that claim you’re just one click away from a free gift card. Others, however, are more difficult to spot.

Beware of scammers who set up fake personal profiles and business pages on social media. A fake personal profile may add or follow you with the goal of phishing for personal information. Profiles tend to be realistic, and you might even have mutual friends.

Likewise, fake business pages may sell nonexistent products or collect your email address for future scams or identity theft.

shield-check icon How to Protect Yourself

The easiest way to protect yourself from social media scams is to double-check your privacy settings. Make sure you aren’t sharing personal information publicly. Don’t accept friend requests from anyone you don’t know, even if you share mutual friends. And always research businesses and order through official sites instead of through social media whenever possible.