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SPAR – Cybersecurity Alert – Scams Targeting Students


The Office of Cybersecurity has been advised of numerous scams that are targeting college students. For the next few days, we will be explaining each scam to prepare you to recognize the scam and respond by forwarding suspicious emails to abuse@uthsc.edu.

The first scam is Scholarship and Financial Aid scams.

Figuring out scholarship opportunities and financial aid can be confusing and overwhelming, making it easier for scammers to find victims. Free scholarship and financial aid help are available from many sources, so be wary of any services that charge high prices to help you with your applications.

When searching for scholarship opportunities, check that a website is credible. Fraudulent scholarship websites are sometimes set up to collect personal details for future scams. Also, be wary of giving out your bank account information — scammers may attempt to contact you to award nonexistent scholarships.

shield-check icon How to Protect Yourself

Steer clear of scams by completing your financial aid application on the official FAFSA website. If you are applying for scholarships, create a spreadsheet to keep track of which scholarships you have applied for. You should never give out personal information over the phone unless you initiated the call with a reputable organization.