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SPAR – Cybersecurity Alert – Public Wi-Fi Scams


Studying at Starbucks or anywhere with public Wi-Fi sounds enticing, but be wary of scammers using public Wi-Fi to steal your information. Hackers may exploit security flaws on public Wi-Fi routers to gain access to your personal, financial, or banking information.

Along with hacking an existing public Wi-Fi network, scammers may create their own fake hot spots. These fake hot spots often have believable names, leading potential victims to believe the hot spot is the actual Wi-Fi of the establishment.

shield-check icon How to Protect Yourself

When using public Wi-Fi, never access your banking accounts or student loan information. Avoid using a credit card or making purchases over public Wi-Fi. Try frequenting places that have password-protected Wi-Fi and always double-check that the connection is the correct one — especially if several networks have similar names.