Sodexo Catering


Good morning, UTHSC!

I’m emailing you to check your calendars to see if you need any catering for the weeks of February 22 – 27 and February 29 – March 5. I am currently available to book and help in planning any event. We are available to cater weekends (with a minimum of $1,000 per order , but willing to discuss case by case to meet the needs of our clients) and evenings. In an effort to help us both, please feel free to call me or send an email to check on the status of your catering. If you don’t receive an “Outlook Reminder,” it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t booked, but a phone call or quick email to “double check” is always appreciated. I know that we’re in an interviewing season or want to make a “great impression” on guests or potential students. I want to make sure that we are available to you by supplying your catering needs in an efficient and timely manner by rendering great product and service. If there are any suggestions that I could do on my part to make it happen, please let us know. I am open to all suggestions. Please give us your feedback! It is very critical to hear from you.

Thank You,

Artimius Hollins
Sodexo Catering Sales Coordinator
Sodexo USA @ UTHSC
(901) 448-5626 Office
(901) 448-7806 Fax