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Should You Use SharePoint or VolShare for Storage?


ITS has several “shares,” and it can be confusing as to which one to use.

So, what should you use?

VolShare: ITS is helping departments/users transition from VolShare to SharePoint, which is a much more collaborative tool. If you are using VolShare for this type of storage, contact ITS, and we will help you transition your documents to SharePoint.  If you are using VolShare for data storage and large files, sit tight!  We will be in touch! 

SharePoint: SharePoint (or OneDrive) is THE place to store documents. Why? Because it is secure, supported, powerful, and at no cost to you. What is the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive? If your document is ready to be shared with others, put it in SharePoint. If you are still working on it (or don’t even plan to share it with anyone), put it in OneDrive. Learn how to easily map your SharePoint drive to your computer.

Need something more robust than SharePoint or OneDrive? Talk to us – let us know your needs, and we will find a solution.

p.s. Don’t use Dropbox – I mean, you can use it, but it will cost your department money, isn’t HIPAA/FERPA compliant, and is not supported by ITS, so if you have problems, you must rely on Dropbox support (and you know how third-party support can be!)