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Setting Your Internal and Public UTHSC Number Display


Departmental number?  Call queue?  Lab phone number?  An executive who wants your calls to go to an administrative assistant?  It can be confusing how your phone number will be displayed within our various UTHSC systems.  Here are some guidelines to make it easier.

Your Public UTHSC Phone Number

This is the number that is displayed when someone uses the Search UTHSC.edu function on any UTHSC webpage.  Since UTHSC is a public university, anyone can access our UTHSC website and search for an individual or department.

The number displayed is from the UTHSC Directory and comes from your IRIS record.  The Updating Your Work and Personal Information web page provides instructions for updating your contact information in MyUT/IRIS.

If you prefer to have a departmental number, a lab number, or an administrative assistant’s phone number be your “public phone number,” then be sure to use that number when you update IRIS.

IMPORTANT: If you do not need a UTHSC phone number because you work in a clinical setting or have a non-UTHSC number, then leave your work phone number in MyUT/IRIS blank.

Your Internal UTHSC Phone Number

This is the number your UTHSC colleagues will see in the Contact List in the university’s RingCentral phone system.  RingCentral is not accessible outside of UTHSC, so it provides everyone the opportunity to have a direct UTHSC phone number in the 901.448.#### format. 

RingCentral does provide “Masking” functionality that can be used by Executives to hide their UTHSC phone number.

As part of New Employee Onboarding processes, RingCentral phone numbers can be requested by completing a TechConnect RingCentral Service Request, which enables you to ask for a new phone number or re-assignment of an existing number for the employee.

Still have questions?  Check out our RingCentral FAQs or give the ITS Service Desk a call (901.448.2222) to learn more.