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Serving The Underserved Spring 2021




It is time to apply for “Serving The Underserved” – Spring 2021!


Many of you have heard about “Serving the Underserved” already, maybe from upperclassmen or orientation or some other way.  Serving The Underserved is a certificate course offered by Methodist Healthcare, Church Health, and UTHSC that creates space for productive dialogue about healthcare among underserved populations and how poverty affects the health lives of communities.  You can see more information about the course at the application link below, and also, please feel free to reply to this email with any questions you might have.


Serving The Underserved is also a core component of the Certificate in Social Determinants of Health offered by UTHSC. 


Class begins in 3 short weeks, so the time to apply is now.  We will begin on Wed, March 24 (by ZOOM), and we will meet at 6pm for about 2 hours on 4 consecutive Wednesday’s, ending on April 14.  Some of the speakers we will hear this term include Dr. Scott Morris, CEO of Church Health, Dr. Phil Baker, founder of Good Shepherd Pharmacy, and Dr. Laurie Hodge, Director of the Church Health Dental Clinic.  We will also have presentations on the COVID-19 pandemic and its relationship to health equity, as well as other topics like housing inequities and narrative medicine.


Please apply at the link below, and we will be in touch with you.  More information will be on the way, including a course syllabus. 


We look forward to hearing from you!


Link to Apply:  http://www.faithhealthcollaborative.com/serving-the-underserved-1