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Scanning Electronic Microscope – Bioscience Research Center


The Bioscience Research Lab in the College of Dentistry would like to invite researchers to employ the lab’s Scanning Electronic Microscope in your projects.

Carl Zeiss Evo HD LS15 SEM The Life science SEM is equipped with Peltier cooling stage (wet imaging), variable pressure, back scatter, EDS by Oxford, and Deben low range Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM) detectors.

Analyze life sciences and material samples at different temperatures, pressures and humidity. Imaging can be done with relatively wet samples


• Image morphology

• Image compositional & bonding differences

• Image molecular probes: metals and fluorescent probes

• Micro & nano lithography

• Heat or cool samples while viewing

• Wet & dry samples while viewing

• View frozen material

• Generate X-rays from samples for microanalysis

Interested? Contact Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy at godoy@uthsc.edu or 448-6333.