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Researchers: New High-Performance Scientific Computing Cluster is Available


The new ISAAC Next Generation (ISAAC-NG) High Performance and Scientific Computing cluster is online and ready for you and/or your workgroup’s use. All existing ISAAC cluster users have been given access to ISAAC-NG. All existing users can use the shared University resources available in this cluster, including 3 petabytes of Lustre storage, 48 compute nodes, and 4 GPU nodes. This cluster (ISAAC-NG) uses the SLURM scheduler and workload manager.

We are excited to announce that the new ISAAC-NG HPSC cluster is ready for use by you and/or your workgroup. On the ISAAC-NG HPSC cluster, researchers will have access to 52 nodes of the University resources and 3 petabytes of storage, which are available and shared among all ISAAC-NG users. Detailed information about the ISAAC resources available (both University and private condos) is located on the HPSC website at https://oit.utk.edu/hpsc -> ISAAC-NG -> System Overview page.

We have introduced SLURM as the scheduler and workload manager for ISAAC-NG, unlike the existing ISAAC Open Enclave cluster (ISAAC Legacy), which uses Torque/Moab, a variant of PBS. Therefore, there will be a learning curve if you or your workgroup are unfamiliar with SLURM.

To get started, please see the ISAAC-NG documentation, including the following:

To check the available software on ISAAC-NG, you can either review the Available Software page or log in to ISAAC-NG and run the “module avail” command.

If you need to request a new account, project space, or software, please contact UTHSC HPSC Liaison Akram Mohammed (amoham18@uthsc.edu).