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Requesting Keys: A Guide


Steps For Getting A Key

1) Determine room number for desired access. If possible, determine coremark as well. The coremark can be determined by reading the letters and numbers stamped on the face of the core itself, by inquiring with legacy personnel and administrators, or by contacting the locksmith.

2) Visit the UTHSC Facilities website to locate and complete a key request form. The key request form will require authorization from the personnel’s superior, or whomever is the designated authority overseeing the space for which access is desired. Ignore the box labeled “sub #” when requesting a key.

3) The key request form must be scanned or digitized and attached to a work request in the Archibus system. Check with your department to verify the proper procedure for submitting Archibus tickets. If you have trouble attaching documents in the Archibus system, you may contact the Space Planning department for assistance.

4) When the key is ready to be picked up, the locksmith will contact the requester by way of the phone number submitted on the key request form. You may also check the status of your request in Archibus. Look for an update from the locksmith in the “Craftsperson Notes” field. Keys may not be picked up until confirmation has been received in one of these two ways.

5) To pick up keys, visit the Facilities Building at 201 East St. The locksmith is located in room 224 between the hours of 9-10am and 2:30-3:30pm. Once picked up, the key is the sole responsibility of the personnel who requested it until such time as they return it to the Facilities Department or properly transfer it to another individual. Keys are not to be loaned, swapped, or collected by administrators unless the individual is terminated or for the expressed purpose of immediate return. In the event that a newly acquired key does not grant the access desired, the locksmith should be contacted as soon as possible at 901-448-6837.

6) Failure to return keys before leaving the university will result in withholding of personnel salary until the keys are returned or a fee of $10.00 per key is paid for any missing keys. This fee must be paid by check or exact change in the Facilities Business Office located in room 223. Once the fee has been paid, the personnel will be issued a receipt which must then be presented to the locksmith before a replacement key is issued or Exit Clearance is processed.

Archibus Login: https://uthsc.iwmsapp.com/archibus/login.axvw
Locksmith Email: gfulghum@uthsc.edu
Locksmith Phone: 901-448-6837