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REMINDER: April’s Biomedical Informatics Group Meeting this Friday, April 25th at Noon



Presenter: Robert W. Williams, PhD

UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair in Computational Genomics, Center for Integrative and Translational Genomics

Presentation: Genetic and Genomics Resources at UTHSC to Study Experimental and Clinical Cohorts

Progression of virtually all human diseases are influenced by complex interactions between genetic and environmental (epigenetic) factors. The CITG at UTHSC has developed novel mouse experimental resources that incorporate a level of genetic complexity that mirrors that of human populations. Many of our faculty are using these resources to build and test quantitative models of disease mechanisms, with a special focus on neurodegeneration (Alzheimer’s, stroke, and glaucoma), infectious diseases, addiction and neurological/psychiatric disease. The CITG, with help from NIH, is also developing powerful web services to study animal models and human cohorts (e.g. the CANDLE study). In this short presentation, Rob will summarize some of the resources available to investigators and students at UT and provide pointer on how to exploit genomics and phenotypic data sets.

Join us in 910 Madison, Room 502 (4/25/14 @ noon). Questions? Contact twaters@uthsc.edu