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Promoting Size-Inclusive Healthcare: Weight Stigma, a Health Issue


Do you know what weight stigma is? Or how it impacts health regardless of a person’s size/shape/or weight?  Weight stigma is a health equity and public health issue that leads to disparities in health outcomes, healthcare access, education, employment, health insurance, and many other areas.  Weight-stigma is more than just the negative attitudes, actions, and assumptions based only on weight, shape, or size of a person, it’s also a structural oppression, a social determinant of health, and for many, a chronic traumatic experience that leads to negative health experiences across the lifespan.  This learning event will provide an overview of weight stigma as a health issue, including definitions, data, health impact, and real-life examples of structural weight bias.  It will also provide tools to reduce exposure to weight stigma, challenge your weight bias, and move away from weight as a measure of health for your benefit, and for the benefit of those you find in your care.

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