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Outlook Tip: Reply All…Most of the Time


So, you want to reply to an email. Do you ever check to see who got the email? Was it three people, ten people, or fifty people? 

It matters because if the email went to fifty people, you probably don’t want use Reply All.

Think about it – everyone may not need to know your reply. Unnecessary replies to all create email clutter and can hide more critical messages.

Here’s a good example: A department admin sends an email informing the entire department of Dr. Smith’s birthday. Reply All to wish him well? 

Nope, everyone doesn’t need to see your reply. Just click Reply, clear out the sender’s email address, enter Dr. Smith’s email, and wish away!

Think before you use Reply All with:

  • a listserv message with a large audience (such as a departmental listserv)
  • a message that has 20+ recipients (unless they all need to know what you have to say)
  • a message that went to everyone in the department