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Out With the Old Phones and in With the New!


In 2022, our antiquated UTHSC telephone system will be replaced with Voice over IP (VoIP) with RingCentral.

What Makes RingCentral So Great?

  • Works on multiple devices: Make calls from your computer, cell phone, iPad, etc.
  • Eliminates directory lookups: All employees automatically will be in your RingCentral contact list. It works just like your cell phone!
  • Protects your personal phone number: All of your calls will look as if they are coming from your work number, regardless of the device you use to make or receive a call.

How Can You Get Ready?

Ensure your work address and phone number are accurate for the new phone system rollout. Ensuring the system has your correct work address and phone number is essential for other processes that rely on the accuracy of your contact info, too! Visit the Updating Your Work and Personal Information article for instructions to verify and update your contact information.

ITS’s Telecom team will be rolling out RingCentral in batches over 2022. You will receive communications with specific details before your move.

Watch for more information!