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Next Biomedical Informatics Group Meeting, Friday, April 25, 2014, 910 Madison, Room 502


Dan Housman

Chief Technology Officer, ConvergeHEALTH by Deloitte

“Platforms to put silos of patient data together – and put it to work”

The rapid increase in availability of data about patients, including claims, EHR, consumer and ‘omics along with enterprise approaches to managing large cohorts, has opened big opportunities to scale research and identify new findings. New platforms including open source and commercial tools are providing research teams with new ways to handle the complexity of these data sets. This presentation will include case studies and review of functionalities of these translational bioinformatics tools, both in open source systems such as i2b2 and tranSMART. The presentation will also cover emerging commercial approaches for tools and data sharing with life sciences organizations.

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