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New UTHSC Sponsored NetID Process


UTHSC Sponsored NetID Request Process

By requesting a NetID, requestors must understand that you are accepting both the responsibility of what happens while this NetID is in use and the risk associated with allowing its use. NetIDs will only be granted to individuals that are affiliated with the University in a position to help support UTHSC’s mission and achieve the goals of the University. Human Resources is now responsible for the approval or denial of sponsored Net ID requests where the new process is listed below.

The reason for the change in the NetID process is to ensure that campus administration is knowledgeable of who is entering the UTHSC campus, accessing the university’s systems and resources. The university understands this transition maybe an extra step, but it is to ensure campus safety and compliance.

How to get the process started?
i) Submit request to: https://www.uthsc.edu/hr/employment/  >Under Manager Links> Sponsored NetID
(1) Direct Link: https://uthsc.edu/hr/netid-request/

ii) Once the request is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation, and HR will review. The requestor will be notified if the sponsored NetID will be approved or denied.

iii) If the request is approved, an email will come from identityadmin@uthsc.edu with the NetID information.

iv) If the request is denied, an email will come Human Resources with detailed information regarding the denied request and possible next steps.

II. Who is eligible for a Sponsored NetID?
i) New Employee not in the directory
(1) Onboarding documents must be in process for entry

ii) Retired faculty/staff performing work associated with UT
(1) Required department authorization) and/or on the retiree board

iii) Non-UT Students or Student Volunteers that need access to email or Blackboard
(1) Must have gone through the Non-UT/Volunteer process via HR

III. Who is NOT eligible for a Sponsored NetID?
Who is NOT eligible for a Sponsored NetID?
i) Individuals who need access longer than 30 days

ii) Individuals needing access to UT application systems and not a UT employee
(1) Example includes individuals needing access to iMedRIS, Blackboard, IRIS, Oracle, Wireless, Email, etc.

iii) Individuals who work in highly sensitive research areas
(1) Examples include applications within the VC for Research or any projects/tasks that involves research

IV. Friend of UT/Volunteer Process for NetID
If a request has been denied and it has been determined by HR that an individual will need to be entered as a Friend of UT/Volunteer, please review process below. Note: Not every scenario/denial requires the request for a friend position.

1. Department creates a Friend position(s) in IRIS.

2. Department enters individual as a Friend, and information is routed to payroll.

3. Department provides individual with friend/volunteer packet for completion. Once completed, the department submits to HR (hrbgchck@uthsc.edu ) to start the background check process. The department will be responsible for the cost of the background check.

4. During the background check process, the department has the option to initiate a sponsored NetID request form. https://uthsc.edu/hr/netid-request/

5. HR reviews the request and provides a sponsored NetID (access to iMedRIS, Blackboard, email, etc.) for up to 30 days, while the background check is being processed.
o This process should take 24 -48 hours for someone to be sponsored once the request is submitted.
o If a friend request is not submitted within the 30 days of sponsorship, NetID access will be deactivated.

6. Once the background check is cleared, HR will submit the packet to payroll for final entry where full access will be provided.

7. Once the individual becomes a Friend/Volunteer of UT, the department will be responsible for terminating the individual once they complete the related projects/tasks with UTHSC.

* HR recommends creating multiple Friend positions to have in reserve, and allowing someone in IRB to have specialist level access in IRIS in order to create and submit a position request.*

Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions
How long does a background check take?
• The background takes a minimum of 14 business days.

Why do we need to run a background check and one has already been performed at our affiliated hospital?
• Per policy, UTHSC must conduct a background check on friends or volunteers at the university. We do not accept background checks from outside employers. If we were to ever be audited, we will need to show that UTHSC completed a background due to the validity of another employer’s background check may not be sufficient.

What if I need a NetID immediately but not eligible for a sponsored NetID?
• Proceed with the Friend/Volunteer of UT process (creating a friend position and submitting a background check) and email hr@uthsc.edu once those steps are completed. HR will review and provide a sponsored NetID (access to iMedRIS, Blackboard, email, etc.) for up to 30 days, while the background check is being processed.

I completed the required Friend/Volunteer of UT process, the individual has a NetID but still does not have access to email, Blackboard, etc. What do I do now?
• When creating a friend position for a NetID, it does not automatically create access to email, Blackboard, etc. Please email hr@uthsc.edu where we will notify our IT department to create those accounts. You will be notified within 24 hours when this process has been completed.

I am requesting a sponsored NetID for someone who works at our affiliated hospitals (i.e. St. Jude, Le Bonheur, Methodist, Erlanger, Semmes-Murphy, Campbell Clinic, Erlanger, etc.). What is the new process?
• These individuals will need to go through the Friend of UT/Volunteer Process for a NetID due to they will need access to our systems and resources.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Human Resources at hr@uthsc.edu or 901-448-5600.