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New UTHSC Logos + College Seals


New UTHSC Logos

The UT Health Science Center logo suite has been updated! UTHSC has a variety of logo formats available for various uses. General versions of the logo may be downloaded directly from the UTHSC Branding Guidelines website, and logos customized for units on campus may be requested by emailing the Office of Communications and Marketing at communications@uthsc.edu.

Primary Logos

These are the main, official logos for the University and should be used on most UTHSC marketing materials and communications.

Download Primary Logos »

Secondary Identifier Logos

These are the official logos for the various units (colleges, departments, divisions, offices, etc.) across campus. These may only be created by the Office of Communications and Marketing. Request them via communications@uthsc.edu.

View Secondary Identifier Logos »

Alternate Logos

These are more informal than the primary logos. Use when a logo is needed, and “Health Science Center” needs to be spelled out, but the audience knows “UT” and there is not enough room for “the University of Tennessee” to be spelled out.

Download Alternate Logos »

ShortSig Logos

These are informal logos that should only be used on internal materials, as well as some signage and promotional products, where the space does not allow the University name to be spelled out.

View ShortSig Logos »

Center/Institute Logos

These logos represent specific centers and institutes that are part of UTHSC. These logos may only be created by Communications and Marketing. Request them via email.

View Center/Institute Logos »

Logo Usage

Before using any UTHSC logos, please review this logo usage guide, which includes minimal space required around the logos, minimum size, logo misuse, and a table to help determine appropriate file formats.

View Logo Usage »

New UTHSC College Seals

Not only are we rolling out new logos, but we are also introducing NEW seals for the colleges! We have created a consistent seal design for our six colleges that is contemporary, reflective of each college’s founding, and most importantly – lists the UT Health Science Center, as opposed to just the University of Tennessee like the previous versions. The new college seals may be downloaded in a variety of formats on our College Seals web page.

Please visit the recently updated UTHSC Branding Guidelines website, where you may download the new university logos and college seals. You can also visit the Communications and Marketing website to learn more about the resources available to faculty, staff, and students for communications and media relations, website creation and updates, social media assistance, official university headshots, promotional products guidelines, photography and videography, and design requests!

UTHSC Branding Guidelines

Office of Communications and Marketing