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Network Status Update


Network Status update: Yesterday, June 3, 2014, we encountered network problems on and off.  Around 1:00 PM we essentially lost connectivity to the Internet.  Our efforts to re-establish reliable connectivity were unsuccessful. We enlisted the help of a consultant around 2:30 PM to assist us with troubleshooting and resolution of our issues.  After significant effort, we were able to localize intermittent problems in our redundant segment of our network.  The device at fault was subsequently identified and disabled.  Full connectivity was re-established at 7:15 PM.

Current Status: Both the wireless and the wired network are fully connected to the Internet.

We continue to troubleshoot the faulty device allowing our network to return to full normal operations.  A post mortem will be performed when we have a clear understanding of the sequence of events leading up to the outage.

We realize that most of our core services were not available during most of the afternoon. We regret the major service interruption and the extended downtime.

Please contact me in case of question, suggestions, or concerns.

Jan J. van der Aa (jvandera@uthsc.edu) 448-2500