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My Mediasite Transition


Due to technological changes and challenges our faculty and students have had with UTHSC TV, UTHSC is adopting My Mediasite as its streaming media service. As you know, UTHSC has, for several years, used Mediasite with great success in its classrooms. Mediasite has excellent reliability and support. Transitioning from UTHSC TV to My Mediasite is anticipated to bring that same reliability and support to personally-recorded and uploaded videos.

My Mediasite will allow UTHSC faculty, staff and students to upload and share original videos from their computers. Access to the Mediasite Desktop Recorder software enables users to create videos, screencasts, or slideshows directly from their computer.

IT Services and the Teaching and Learning Center are currently working with Mediasite to transfer content from UTHSC TV to Mediasite.

Key dates:

  • After July 1, 2018 you will no longer be able to upload new videos to UTHSC TV
  • Existing content on UTHSC TV will still be accessible until October 31, 2018
  • Before Fall 2018 courses begin, we recommend all courses remove links to UTHSC TV videos in Blackboard and CORE and replace them with the corresponding My Mediasite link.

ITS and the TLC will keep the campus updated as the transition progresses.


What will happen to my content in UTHSC TV?
All videos in UTHSC TV, will be transferred to My Mediasite under the same file name. If you are unable to locate a file that was previously uploaded to UTHSC TV, please contact the TLC at tlc@uthsc.edu.

Will there be transition support?
Starting in July, the TLC will offer learning sessions focused on using My Mediasite. We will notify campus once these learning sessions have been finalized.
New My Mediasite users will be supported through the learning sessions, website resources and tutorials. During and after the transition, the TLC staff will be available for one-on-one or group consultations.

Will I have to update the links to UTHSC TV videos in my Blackboard or CORE course?
Yes, once the media files have been migrated to My Mediasite, users will need to go into their

  • Blackboard course and add the content again using the My Mediasite Mashup tool
  • CORE course sites and replace existing links with the corresponding My Mediasite links

Are there instructions on how to use My Mediasite?
Yes, the TLC has started a website for My Mediasite. We will continue to build out that website with additional instructions and support resources. You can find the website here:  uthsc.edu/tlc/my-mediasite.php.

Some of my UTHSC TV videos had associated files, will those be transferred?
Unfortunately, any associated files (PDF, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) cannot be transferred to My Mediasite.

We recommend users login to UTHSC TV as soon as possible and retrieve any associated files. These files can be uploaded to Blackboard or CORE directly.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns at tlc@uthsc.edu or 901-448-1218.