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Monday Morning Mentor: How Can I Manage the Disconnect Between Faculty and Student Perceptions of Rigor to Increase Learning?


Available November 8 – November 13, 2021

Password:  disconnect87

Link to presentation: https://mondaymorningmentors.com

You’ll compare students and teachers definitions of rigor, explore the learning implications of mismatched definitions, and identify instructional strategies for bringing the definitions closer together.

Learning Goals

Upon completion of this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Explore your personal beliefs about what makes a class or program
  • Understand common faculty-based vs. student-based definitions of rigor
  • Apply methods for aligning students and teachers definitions
  • Leverage active learning strategies that go beyond students typical study and learning strategies

Topics Covered

  • Definitions of rigor
  • Strategies for bringing student definitions of rigor and faculty definitions of rigor closer together to advance learning
  • Emphasizing learning, not grades
  • Dispelling learning misperceptions
  • Partnering and sharing control with students