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Monday Morning Mentor: How Can I Harness the Power of Story to Create Classroom Community?

Available September 18 – September 24, 2023 
Password:  harness571
Link to presentation: https://mondaymorningmentors.com
Use storytelling across academic disciplines to create an innovative learning environment.  Understanding this philosophy and practice gives you an effective tool for connection in a world that seems to continually disconnect and fracture. Stories connect learners to the material resulting in retention and understanding. Additionally, stories connect learners with you and each other to build classroom community. 

This 20-Minute Mentor provides concrete examples of how to craft a story for learning. Learn the connection between the power of stories and community while taking away three specific activities to create opportunity for storytelling in an academic classroom. 
Learning Goals 
After viewing this Magna 20-Minute Mentor, participants will be able to: 
  • Recognize the role of storytelling in the higher education learning environment 
  • Apply an understanding of shared meaning and learning connection to specific academic disciplines 
  • Use several methods to create stories to build community in the classroom
Topics Covered 
  • The role of storytelling in building community 
  • The importance of listening to stories 
  • Three activities to begin engaging students in storytelling