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Microsoft Cyber Attacks


Late last week, several news outlets reported a significant cyber attack on servers world-wide that use Microsoft’s exchange email system.

The UTHSC Cybersecurity and Systems teams received the initial alert from Microsoft on Tuesday, March 2nd. We immediately applied emergency patches to our server environment, on advisement from Microsoft, mitigating a significant portion of the threat. Our team took additional steps, beyond the base Microsoft recommendations, to reduce the risk from this targeted attack and further secure systems where applicable.

Over the weekend, we continued to scrutinize the impacts, threats, and news that could impact the UTHSC technology environment. At this time, we have not found any evidence of compromise to our servers or computers related to these most recent attacks. We will continue to monitor the threats and will be ready to mobilize as new information is released.

If there are concerns or additional questions, please feel free to email our Cybersecurity team: itsecurity@uthsc.edu.

Dan Harder
Chief Information Officer