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Research Incentive Message from the Chancellor


UTHSC Faculty Members,

In an effort to increase participation, overall research and external funding, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s Research Incentive Program is being modified. An evaluation of the current incentive model was initiated by the Research Council last spring after a faculty committee reviewed the model and recommended changes.

The changes are designed to simplify calculations, expand eligibility, and create a mechanism to encourage all external funding, while providing greater incentive for federal funding. The new model has been reviewed with several faculty groups, including the Faculty Senate and Faculty Senate Research Committee, as well as groups in the Colleges of Pharmacy, Medicine and Nursing.

The new plan will base the incentive on the F&A rate of external contracts and grants that fund faculty salaries. The greater the F&A rate, the greater the incentive; however, even grants with no F&A will warrant an incentive. As a result of these changes, the number of faculty members who will receive incentive payments this year will increase to 170, up nearly 70 percent from last year’s 105 receiving incentives.

In a few cases, this new model results in a lower incentive than under the old plan. Therefore, adjustments will be made for this transition year to minimize the impact to the small number of individuals whose incentives may be reduced from the current program. Where the old plan would provide a greater incentive, that calculation will be used for this year. Those adjustments will be discussed with each faculty member affected.

Due to payroll deadlines and meetings to present the plan, incentive payments will not be made until December. However, for your planning purposes, you will be notified of the amount of your payment this month. If you have any questions, please contact your department business manager or email Vice Chancellor Tony Ferrara at aaf@uthsc.edu.

Steve J. Schwab