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Message from the Chancellor: Nashville Expansion


Dear UTHSC Faculty, Staff and Students:

Recently, there has been substantial media coverage of the long-planned UTHSC Nashville expansion. This coverage has been driven by announcement of the accreditation of the College of Medicine/Saint Thomas Health Advanced Residency Programs in Surgery, Emergency Medicine, and Family Medicine, as well as the anticipated Ob/Gyn program approval and growth of our long-standing Internal Medicine program in Nashville. In tandem with the media coverage, there has been editorial speculation about what the Nashville expansion means for the UTHSC home campus in Memphis.

As we have clearly stated, this means ongoing expansion for the Memphis home campus with the continuation of more than $300 million in upgrades as outlined in the recently released UTHSC Campus Master Plan. It is our expectation that our Nashville site will grow to mirror the size and scope of the UTHSC Knoxville Campus with all the UTHSC colleges having some form of clinical training as well as the College of Pharmacy offering didactic education.

Memphis — the site of our main campus as well as home to four of our core, partner, teaching hospitals — will remain the integral, steadily expanding home campus of UTHSC as it has been for the past 103 years.

Steve J. Schwab, MD

Visit the following links to view recent media coverage and to learn more about the UTHSC Campus Master Plan: