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Membership Policy Change at Fitness Center Effective July 1


Membership Policy Change at Fitness Center Effective July 1

UTHSC Fitness Center Membership

Effective July 1, 2014

Memberships are non-transferable.

All University of Tennessee Health Science Center students, faculty, staff and retirees have membership to the UTHSC Fitness Center. Proof of membership is a valid UTHSC issued ID card.  UTHSC affiliate memberships and community memberships (non-UTHSC affiliated) are available for purchase.  UTHSC affiliates are listed below on the Fitness Center Rates page.  Proof of UTHSC affiliate membership and community membership is a valid UTHSC Fitness Center issued ID card purchased from the fitness center.  UTHSC affiliate membership fees and community membership fees are listed below on the Fitness Center Rates section (below).

The UTHSC Fitness Center uses the “Plus One” membership model.  The “Plus One” option allows a fitness center member to add one individual, such as a spouse or roommate, over the age of 18, living in the same household as a “Plus One” member.  The membership fees for “Plus One” membership are listed below on the Fitness Center Rates section (below).

Membership Sign-up Procedures and Requirements

  1. Proof of fitness center membership must be presented to add a “Plus One” member and/or dependents.
  2. The member adding the “Plus One” or Dependent Child must be present at the time of purchase.
  3. Photo ID, proof of age and verification of common residence of the “Plus One” member are required as part of the membership application process.  Accepted forms of proof are a valid government issued license, birth certificate or passport that includes address and picture.

General Disclaimer: The Department of Campus Recreation has the right to review additional forms or documents to verify proof of residence.

  1. Issues concerning validity of “Plus One” member for membership will be determined by Campus Recreation Administration.
  2. Retirees must have a “UTHSC Retiree” ID card.  (Retiree ID card may be picked up at the Campus Police station.)
  3. “Plus One” memberships are valid as long as the sponsoring member is a fitness center member.  When the sponsoring member is no longer a fitness center member the “Plus One” membership is terminated.  If the terminated “Plus One” member then wants to purchase their own membership, they will pay the normal individual membership price.

Note: Certain rules and restrictions apply to dependents under 18 years of age.  See Age Policy.

Parents and Dependent Policy

The membership fees for dependents are listed below on the Fitness Center Rates section (below).

  1. Parent or legal guardian must show proof of fitness center membership.
  2. Dependent(s) must live in the same household and be under the age of 23.
  3. Dependent(s) must show birth certificate (or similar documentation) as proof of age and legal guardianship.
  4. Parents or guardians must accompany and have direct supervision of all dependents under 18 years of age at all times in the fitness center.


UTHSC students are members of Campus Recreation facilities/programs and automatically receive access privileges during the semesters in which they are enrolled upon payment of tuition and student activity fee.

  1. Student “Plus One”: $50.00/yr
  2. Student’s Dependent: $25.00/yr

Note: Certain rules and restrictions apply to dependents under 18 years of age.  See Age Policy.


Guests may purchase a guest pass and are permitted to use the facilities while in the company of a valid fitness center member.  A guest pass may be purchased at the fitness center desks and is valid for one-day use at all campus recreation facilities.  Fitness center members are responsible for their guests conduct and must stay with their guests at all times. If the fitness center member leaves the facility, their guest must also exit.  No more than three guests per member. Fee for a one-day guest pass is $5/day per guest.

Membership is a privilege, which can be modified or revoked at the discretion of the Department of Campus Recreation and/or the University.

Proof of UTHSC affiliation must be presented to purchase membership for dependents, alumni and UTHSC affiliates.

Absolutely no children under 18 years of age left unsupervised at any time.  Supervision of all minors must be provided by a parent or guardian.

UTHSC Fitness Center Rates effective July 1, 2014

UTHSC Students

  • Student:                                                                                          No Charge
  • Student “Plus One” member:                                                          $30/6 mos.; $50/yr.
  • Student first dependent (Ages 0-23 yrs.):                                      $15/6mos.;  $25/yr.
  • Student additional dependents (ea., Ages 0-23 yrs.):                                $5/6 mos.;  $10/yr.

UTHSC Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty and Staff:                                                                           No Charge
  • Faculty and Staff “Plus One” member:                                          $100/6 mos.; $150/yr.
  • Faculty and Staff first dependent (Ages 0-23 yrs.):                       $50/6 mos.;   $75/yr.
  • Faculty and Staff additional dependents (ea., Ages 0-23 yrs.):      $25/6 mos.;   $35/yr.

UTHSC Retiree

  • Retirees, with UTHSC Retiree ID (from Campus Police):             No Charge
  • Retiree “Plus One” member:                                                           $100/6 mos.; $150/yr.
  • Retiree first dependent (Ages 0-23 yrs.):                                       $50/6 mos.;   $75/yr.
  • Retiree additional dependents (ea., Ages 0-23 yrs.):                      $25/6 mos.;   $35/yr.

UT Alumni (all schools in UT system) and

UTHSC Affiliates – Medical Associates, Area college students, Military, State Govt., Shelby County employees

  • UTHSC affiliate:                                                                            $125/6 mos.,  $175/yr.
  • UTHSC affiliate “Plus One” member:                                            $125/6 mos.,  $175/yr.
  • UTHSC affiliate first dependent (Ages 0-23 yrs.):                        $60/6 mos.,    $85/yr.
  • UTHSC affiliate additional dependents (ea., Ages 0-23 yrs.):       $30/6 mos.;    $40/yr.

Community Members

  • Community member:                                                                      $200/6 mos.,  $325/yr.
  • Community member “Plus One” member:                                      $125/6 mos.;  $175/yr.
  • Community member first dependent (Ages 0-23 yrs.):                  $75/6 mos.;    $100/yr.
  • Community member additional dependents (ea., Ages 0-23):       $35/6 mos.;    $50/yr.


  • Guests accompanying Fitness Center member:                              $5/day each guest