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Map Your SharePoint Site to a Computer


Once you get your SharePoint site set up, you can access files through a browser.

But it may be more convenient to map the SharePoint drive to your computer. This means as a Windows user, you can see your site in the Explorer window and if you are a Mac user, you can see your site in your Finder window.

Log onto SharePoint

  1. Open or select an Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari to access Office365.
  2. Type the URL http://O365.uthsc.edu or office.portal.com into the internet browser address bar.
  3. Type your UTHSC email > Click Next.
  4. Type your UTHSC NetID password > Click Sign in.
  5. Click No.
  6. Click SharePoint.

Sync SharePoint Site

  1. Click on your SharePoint site name under following or Recent or Icon.
  2. Click Documents.
  3. Click Sync.
  4. Click Choose Application or Open OneDrive.
  5. Click Open LinkNote: Microsoft One Drive must be highlighted in blue or selected.
  6. Click OneDrive messageNote: The OneDrive message screen will disappear quickly so you can go to your Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac) to view the SharePoint document library.

Visit our Map Your SharePoint Site to a Computer knowledge base article for these instructions with screenshots.