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Mandatory: Switch to a Zoom HIPAA Account!


ITS has been working with UTK to strengthen Zoom security for the campus!  This new Zoom HIPAA group provides an extra level of protection for all UTHSC Zoom calls and meetings.

It is time to transition your Zoom Account to the HIPAA Zoom Account.  This is a mandatory change for all Zoom Licensed/Pro accounts!

If you are experiencing issues with your current Zoom meeting links, you must switch to the HIPAA Zoom Account for the links to work.

Below are the instructions for everyone to help you move to this higher security platform with Zoom.  Please be sure to follow the instructions as soon as possible to invoke this higher level of HIPAA security.

  1. Clear your browser’s cookies and internet cache.
  2. Sign out of your tennessee.zoom.us account by clicking on your profile circle in the upper right hand corner and choosing Sign Out.
  3. Go to tennessee.zoom.us in your browser.
  4. You will see a message “You are signing into a Zoom account that is different from your current one.”
  5. Click “Switch to the new account.”
  6. You will see the message “Before you switch, be aware of the following…”
  7. Click “I Acknowledge and Switch.”
  8. You will see the message “Zoom sent an email to the address you signed in with. Check your inbox and follow the instructions.”
  9. In the email, click “Switch to the new account.”
  10. After clicking “Switch to the new account,” your browser will navigate to a new page and show the message “Switch to the new Zoom account.”
  11. Click “I Acknowledge and Switch.”
  12. You will then see the message “Your Zoom Account Switch Was Successful.”
  13. Click “Sign in Now” to access your Zoom account that is now in the HIPAA Sub-Account. Be sure to use the SSO option and your NetID and Password. NOTE: you may need to add tennessee to the domain the first time you login.

Your meetings will now show “Join Zoom Meeting https://tennesseehipaa.zoom.us.”

If your account reverts to a Basic account after performing these instructions, log off and log back into Zoom.  Your account should be reset to a Licensed Pro account.

If you have any difficulties, please visit the Zoom webpage for more information or contact the Helpdesk at 901.448.2222.  Visit the Transition Your Zoom Account to a HIPAA Sub-Account.