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Managing Peroxide-formers


Certain chemicals such as ethers, dioxanes, benzyl alcohol, and THF may form explosive peroxides while in storage. Research laboratories that handle these chemicals must be sure to manage them in accordance with UTHSC policy. UTHSC Chemical Hygiene Plan requires that these materials be labelled with a received and opened date and generally discarded if not used within 24 months. To ensure that these chemicals are properly managed and discarded before they become unstable we require that peroxide test strips be on hand in labs where peroxide forming compounds are handled.

Information about the proper labeling, storage and handling of these compounds is located on the Office of Research Safety Affairs website, the Chemical Safety section, under Peroxide-forming chemicals.  Please check to be sure that containers are peroxide forming chemicals are properly labeled and stored.  Any containers of peroxide forming chemicals that have crystallized should remain in place without being touched. Call 8-6114 or email labsafety@uthsc.edu and we will evaluate the situation and make arrangements for proper disposal.