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Log into Zoom with the SSO Option!


Have you discovered that Zoom doesn’t have all the features you expected, like not being able to have meetings that last longer than 40 minutes?

Did you log into Zoom using the SSO option?


The SSO option. 

If you log into Zoom using the email/password, Apple, Google, or Facebook option, you won’t have all the features and security that a UTHSC Zoom Pro account offers.

Click the SSO icon at the login screen, enter tennessee (if necessary), enter your UTHSC NetID and password to log into our Central Authentication Service (CAS), and enjoy all the benefits of a Zoom Pro account!

Checking How You Logged In

If you have Zoom open, click your profile in the upper right corner. If you see an email address with anything OTHER than @tennessee.edu, you aren’t logged in to a Zoom account. Also, if you are logged into a UT system Zoom account, it will say LICENSED at the top instead of BASIC.

Having questions about using Zoom? Contact our ITS Service Desk at 901.448.2222 or check out the Zoom knowledge base category.