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Lean for Healthcare Course – October 26-28, 2022


Join us for a fast-paced, hands-on dive into Lean improvement with your healthcare team. You will learn new approaches and put them to work immediately in a team simulation that brings to life the possibilities of Lean thinking for healthcare. You will finish the program working with expert faculty to plan your first Lean projects for when you return to work.  This program is limited to 26 participants to allow for close work with faculty and peers in simulations and project teams.

The Lean for Healthcare program is an applications oriented program that is designed specifically for healthcare professionals. Its purpose is to teach professionals how to implement the principles of lean healthcare through a mix of conceptual knowledge and practical skills. Lean healthcare is an organizational philosophy which aims to meet the needs of the patient by providing efficient, quality care in a timely fashion through the elimination of waste.

From the patient’s perspective, the quality of the care and the quality of the service are enhanced by minimal delays, proper clinical procedures, and interaction with satisfied workers. From the organization’s perspective, the benefits can be profound, both financially and culturally, through greater market share, improved productivity, lower capital requirements, and reduced turnover.

Lean represents a fundamental shift in the way an organization views its customers, its workforce, its suppliers and its partners. The key to successfully implementing a lean philosophy is to develop a workforce that has the tools, the incentives, and the culture to continuously pursue operational improvement. A sustainable lean transformation extends beyond selected operational improvements to all aspects of the patient care value stream including interrelationships with providers, insurers, other patient care organizations, and equipment and material suppliers.  To register for the program, https://healthleaders.utk.edu/events/26358 For additional information, please contact lbuffing@utk.edu or (865) 974-5001.

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